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Axxo audits a Residential Development of BBVA

September 2006

AXXO Management has reached an agreement with BBVA Management to assist in the Final Hand Over of a Residential Development in Pinto, in Madrid. The site reception chores include the inspection of all the housing units, the follow up of all the detected deficiencies, ensuring compliance of all applicable regulations, verifying the quality of all finishes and the project quality as well as managing all project documents for supply service contracting, amongst others.

AXXO Management, a company of integrated real estate services belonging to the Axxo Group, has reached an agreement with BBVA management to take care of Final Site Hand Over Operations of a Residential Development in Pinto, Madrid. The complex has a total of 395 housing units of which 121 belong to the Bank.

Hand Over tasks include the inspection of units, the follow up of snagging lists produced and the repair of items listed. The verification of the quality of materials and finishes, watch out systems to ensure proper quality of the project and finally the document management necessary to proceed with all the servicing contracting for supplies.

The purpose of this audit is to offer the Bank a guarantee of the correct termination of the housing units, according to Project and to applicable national and local Regulations. The housing units are located in Pinto, South of Madrid, and the first phase has a total of 229 units, where Axxo will do the Project Monitoring of 121.


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