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About Axxo

What is important is what bond us together: this is our working philosophy. We believe in equality, fraternity, liberty and tolerance. Someone said this before, but we strongly believe that in order to deliver a worth-considering professional job we need to train our professionals in moral and ethical values.
Our professional work is grounded in:


Our client's expectations are our best working tool; help them to make a proper investment, with the support of a professional technical team that understand their needs, defend their interests and protect their goals in terms of cost, timing and quality standards.


Our services fully respond to the requirements of international standards and, in particular, to the legal frame obligued by the LOE (Building National Law).


Our services are based on three main fields of knowledge: Project Management, Architectural Design and Construction. The interaction among the three truly allow us to effectively diversify and personalice the array of services we offer to our clients.


Being creative is not just a health issue? is our daily routine. Not always come naturally but it can be learned, and when it does, it means better quality for our clients.

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