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AXXOARCHITECTURE was born in 2005 with the idea of providing our clients with a service in which an integrated real estate business vision prevails. We aim to combine a high quality conceptual design with well defined construction drawings and details. We work in all project stages and we have experience in multitask processes with the intervention of a Project Manager. Our project process inception is easily aligned with that of the Project Manager, as we also provide in house project management services. We fully understand the importance of a fluent interface between the architect and the project manager as this service is a main part of our corporate culture. The solid international background of our corporate heads gives us a strong potential than surely overcomes our shorter lifespan in activity.


The services we offer are the classical and characteristic roles of the architect and/or "aparejador". The different approach of AXXO comes in the way these roles are performed in the project. Instead of doing things as they are normally done by an architectural studio or atelier, we provide our clients with a more professional and service oriented architectural approach. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and we pride in listening before we start on the drawing board.

  • Architectural projects
  • Site Supervision
  • Health and Safety Coordination
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Below, you will find a list of some of the projects in which AXXO has participated as Project Architect and Site Manager. Some of the most remarkable public tenders are also included due to its interest.

  • Aeronautic Centre CTA
  • Complex Technical Offices
  • Headquarters for Aries Group
  • Mapfre urban offices Network
  • JG Summit Centre
  • The Legaspi Place
  • PCI Bank Tower
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These are some of our clients:

  • Aresa
  • Complex
  • Grupo Aries
  • Mapfre
  • Boeing
  • Sotfmed
  • Antena3
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