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Axxo Tech:
Modular Building

Modular construction is undoubtedly the constructive system of the future. Thanks to a radically new approach, Axxo tech gets to optimize the process of building in a definitive way: costs are managed more efficiently, deadlines are reduced notably and the quality of finishings are improved. And all this is achieved with the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

One of the most appealing aspects of the process is the establishment of quality controls on the parts that are manufactured, thereby providing a guarantee of superior finishings, further enhancing the entire sales and post sales process. One could say that AXXO tech takes to the construction sector a methodology that has been typically applied for many years in the automotive and aerospace sectors. We produce in a factory, under controlled conditions, oblivious to inclement weather conditions, and thus reducing the required time on site, minimizing risks derived from it, including the ones related to inappropriate health and safety conditions at work.

Development time is also substantially optimized. While site works and foundations are being developed, our specialized technicians are manufacturing and assembling units at the workshop. Thanks to this technique, the average delivery time of a house from the time of purchase to delivery it is about 6 months. This reduces the uncertainties of the buyer, who sees the risks minimized since the delivery time is significantly reduced compared to a project executed conventionally.

Can we build any project? Yes, we can build nearly any individual, paired or semi-detached houses, as well as buildings of up to six floors. Virtually any architectural design can be streamlined to be industrialized by our team of engineers, and be later on implemented following our technique, obtaining significant time, cost and quality advantages. The resulting product has the same tectonic features of any modern housing estate, while offering unique advantages through the customization and the addition of elegible extras to the original design.


It is a turnkey service, so that Axxo tech takes care of absolutely everything needed to deliver your perfectly finished home. This includes project, construction management, health and safety coordination and construction of the building.


This is the list of the projects that Axxo tech is developing in the modular building field.

  • Finca Las Marías
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These are our current clients:

  • Filas
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