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Management Team

Axxo group is made up of a united group of professionals with diverse personalities and ways of thinking always with a maximum respect for each company member. Proper care of daily coexistence is a corporate value that distinguishes the daily working atmosphere at the Axxo offices.

The team is led by D. Luis Alfonso Gutiérrez Manzanos, founding partner of AXXO in 1999 and currently CEO of the group.

D. Luis Alfonso Gutiérrez Manzanos
CEO, Chief Executive Officer at AXXO

Mr. Gutiérrez Manzanos is a Registered Architect and PMD at IESE in Madrid. He has a career spanning more than 20 years developed in Mexico, United States, Southeast Asia and Spain. His experience started first in the design field and in construction management projects of all kinds, afterwords.

He is a sought-after specialist in the Project Manager field, area in which he has been actively teaching at various universities and training centers in Spain; among others, he was the founder and director of the Practices Department of the Master in Integrated Project Management of the School of Architecture in Madrid.

Alfonso is an entrepreneur always looking for a new way of interpreting reality. He has created the company FES XXI, dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of professional training. In 2010, along with 70 other colleagues, he founded the Spanish Association of Construction Management (AECMA). He is a Director of AEDIP (Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management) and founder member of the Advisory Board of the journal Project Management, specialized in the field of construction.

In 2012 participates in the founding of GS Networks, a networking platform culmination of a life's work, where high-level contacts are established and the trust and professionalism necessary for businesses to germinate and successfully conclude is promoted.

His most important project is his family and his five children: Patricia, Sofia, Alfonso, Angelika and Tanya.

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