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Our History

AXXO, as a group focused on Real Estate technical solutions and Consultancy is currently conformed by three independent companies where each one of them keeps their own management team, staff and corporate goals.

Axxo Project Management

Axxo Project Management was the founder company of the current group in the year 1999. Its main activity was and still is Project Construction Management in the construction and real estate sector. From this first company , the rest of the parts of the group were being born: Axxo Construction in 2002 and Axxo Architecture in 2005. This new business strategy was meant with the aim of allowing each one to focus in a specific branch of the architectural & construction sector, providing expertise to our clients at the highest posible degree.

Axxo Architecture

Axxo Architecture is born in 2005, as mentioned before, and the goa lis to focus specifically in top quality architectural design, conceptually wise but also from the process point of view so that aesthetics and client goals are always alligned. To create state-of-the-art designs, we deal with volumen compositions, careful facade designs looking for technology but also for simplicity and cost savings, geometry, energy considerations, etc.

Axxo Group

Axxo Group Servicios Integrados has always served as a support unit for the rest of the companies, making sure that everything needed for a right performance is always there. It also supports most of the administration overead costs

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